My body has undergone more physical work in the last three days than it is used to. Advancing in a belt has jumped us into a new level of karate. So far I have felt like throwing up the last three nights. In order to save a few dollars, I have dropped my gym membership… still waiting on the call to try to convince me not to drop it, but it’s gone baby. But because of that, I’m going an extra night to karate… which proves to be the hardest I’ve worked out since college.

Then we have a group in from Illinois working on the HUB. This has got me working too. Lots and lots of shingles thrown up to the roof.

But this isn’t whining… I actually enjoy it. I can’t say that in the midst of it I enjoy it, but now sitting on the couch I do enjoy the feeling.

I’ve been reading some books as I stated in an earlier post about finding balance in all things. Job, Marriage, Physical, Emotional, etc, etc, instead of putting all things in one basket. Something that people say is the hardest part of this economic downturn. Everyone who found their sole worth in their job are hurting right now. This is a hard thing, but it’s also a great opportunity to change give things their proper place.

Anyway. I’m here, trying to relax as my body calms down from class.


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