Being Color Blind…

My neighbor is color blind. I didn’t know this for well for about the first 6 years I knew him. I found out in a funny sort of way. One night I got a call form him… “estas ocupado – busy?” He lives right across the street so we often call late at night and meet mid street to chat. This night he invited me over to see something. I walk in and he says, “what do you think?” He had just painted his house. He was pretty excited. His wife and two daughters went away for the weekend and he had decided to surprise them and paint the inside of the living room.

me – “uhhh well”

him – “what?”

me – “it’s well, it’s pink… annnnnd purple”

him – “WHAT?”

Yep he had gone to the store, color blind mind you, and picked out paint to surprise his family. They we’re surprised alright.


Yesterday I was listening to KLOVE (let the heckling begin) and I heard a commercial from Luis Palau. Talking about racial issues and how we need to get past that ( I agree with all that ) and told a story about how it brought about sharing Jesus with a person from another racial background. That’s about all I got, I’m sure there is more, but I Luis went on to say that God is color blind and that’s where I got lost… really? Color blind?

It bothered me… it still has for the past 24 hours so I figured I write about it and just get it out… It bothers me because although I’m sure, well intentioned, it’s wrong. We have the issues, not God. We have the problem with differences, because well, they make us uncomfortable. Whether it’s religion, culture, or race, subgroup, tribe. I think it’s wrong to say that we need to be color blind too.

God created, God loves his diverse creation. I think he delights in it all. We can’t put a deficiency on him because of our issues. We need to put on his love and excitement for the creation he put together. He loves it, we need to too. We need to learn to see it as he does, with joy and pride and love.

There it’s out. I feel better, I think. Look around you… not with color blind lenses or rose colored or any thing that hinders what God has created. Take it in and enjoy… drink deep in the beautiful world he created around us.


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