Bula is a great word. I look forward to using it when we arrive in Fiji early tomorrow morning. Here is a definition I found online:

    “It is universally  used to say hello, or welcome, and is even exclaimed if you sneeze ! It means ‘life’ and is a way of wishing good health and fortune to the recipient.”
    Bula is heard everywhere in Fiji!
If you don’t know anything else in Fiji, you can’t go wrong with Bula.
It’s hello, welcome, it means “life.” A blessing on the life of the person your speaking too. How cool.
Well, I love this phrase, bula, I love more that when we come into contact with families in Fiji and say ‘bula,’ we can both say it and actually live it out. We are speaking a blessing and then demonstrating the same blessing through the gift of clean water for a lifetime. Very cool.
Bula to you, right now!
More to come.

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