Day One in Nsolo

Today our team did a great job. It is interesting in Fiji. There are two primary cultures living here; Fijian and Indian. We will be spending most of our time in Fijian villages.

When entering these villages you must go before the chief to receive permission to go about the village installing the filters. Even though they know we are coming it is is still something that must be done to respect the role of the chief.

So after spending time in the general meeting area with the chief, we were allowed to move freely throughout the village.

Today our team was broken up so we were able to spend time with other team members which was good. We were also partnered with some of the local Fijian people. I was paired with one of the chief’s sons and was also able to install the filter in the chief’s house.

Amy, Britt and Mike are having a great time. I’ve spent the last hour with Mike talking about what a great experience he is having. He is already talking about another trip next year. This is very cool. Amy and Britt are also loving the time and interaction with the families.

Thank you for your prayers. Again… will try to post some pictures soon.


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  1. thank you so much for updating – please tell britt that if there is anyway she can get some of that cream cheese back into the states i’ll owe her big time! praying for you guys! Chantell

    • I’m showing her right now. She’s doing great… and word on the street is she just bought you a bottle.

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