A Week Later

fjplateIt has been just over a week since I boardedthe plane with three great friends tonhead to Fiji. It feels right now like I’ve been on the plane the whole time with just a few images flashing thru my mind… Glimpses of where I have been, where my feet have walked, the faces I have seen, the babies I have held, the almost constant laughing.

It has been an amazing experience. I absolutely love jumping into other cultural settings, learning the language, eating the food… (Fijian food is not on the top ten list, btw)

To go and give the gift of clean drinking water is amazing to even think about. Such a simple, common aspect of my entire life, never even on my radar, because I have for my entire life been able to walk over to the sink and turn on the faucet and not worry that drinking it would make me sick.

Spending just a small amount of energy, a week of my life, I have had an experience that I will take with me forever. Changing another’s life forever by giving a week of mine.

The thought hasn’t sank in quite yet.


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