Sleep doesn’t come easy

IMG_3332We’ve been back for three days now…. the days are easy, it’s the nights that have been rough. When it’s midnight here… it was 6 pm all last week and we were getting ready for dinner. We haven’t slept so well since coming back.

It was a bit better last night. I got to bed around 1:30am. Was in bed the whole time, but didn’t really sleep soundly. I might be taking some Ambien tonight to help make it through. I need to get back on a schedule.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night. The four of us are getting together to chat about our trip, to talk about what we’ve learned, what we enjoyed, what we need to do now. I was telling Amy yesterday, that this has been the first time in about 20 years where I have been on this side of a missions trip. Kinda strange. We lived with each other for 8 days and then jumping off the plane we went our separate ways. I needed to see them, so I went by the CpC office and had lunch with Amy. Britt’s still recovering from a cold and no A/C in the house, Mike’s schedule is really messed up and didn’t sleep until 4am, so I didn’t see them.

So I think tomorrow night will be good.

Fiji was great for all four of us. I’m sure for different reasons, I can’t wait to talk about it.


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