There’s this place

bbdEye-catching would not be the first words I’d use to describe this place. Clean, nope, new, not that either. It has been here for a long time, I’m not sure how long it’s been here, quite awhile (29 years). Most of the customers are in fatigues… and I just noticed something about the three that came in the door, they all removed their hats. Didn’t know that they did that.

Anyway, the place although probably passed by, by many people because of it’s appearance miss out on a great meal. I’ve come here, oh a handful of times. Our gifted building is only a couple blocks from here. If it wasn’t for that building, I’d probably never eaten here.

Despite the well used condition of the building the food is great. It’s a sub shop… but nothing like Subway or Quiznoz. This place knocks those out of the ring, no contest. The bread is fresh; made from a local bakery. There are 30 plus sandwiches to choose from… italian, yep they have that, they have three different italian sandwiches. Corned Beef, yep there’s that too, although I won’t be eating it. Something to do with early childhood memories and a song my brothers and I made up and sang so we could avoid eating it.

The Brown Bag Deli. Nothing that will draw your eye to it, but after you’ve eaten here, every other sub, well, just tastes, well bad.


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