Dad’s can do anything… with the help of the internet

For Christmas last year we (errr Santa) brought our kids Nintendo DS’s. Since then our son has dropped and dropped…. and dropped it. Well today he dropped it and it, the DS didn’t like it. It decided not to turn on. It also had a nice little rattly noise inside. Not Good.

So after a little searching around the world wide web, I found this. It however didn’t help me with my problem, but it had some cool pictures which in the end did help, b/c I needed to confirm that the teeny little part I found was the part that shouldn’t be free to move around as it pleased. I also needed to confirm that where I thought it was supposed to go was where it was supposed to go.

So this teeny little piece (little as in about the size of this font) needed to be soldered back on. Well luckily I had one that I used about four years ago. So I went out and dug through the mess, that I like to call a work bench and headed back in to the dining room table (actually serving as the work bench). Then I needed to get my daughters magnifying glass… I said it was small… and some tweezers.

Then with much confidence, not really, I went to work. After about five tries, I got the little sucker to stick. Put it all back together and viola, the greatest dad on the planet.

I think I deserve to sit on the couch for a while.

UPDATE 1: When my son went to play he realized there was no sound. Oops. I didn’t line up the volume switch with the volume switch inside of the DS. Volume switch is as about as technical as I can get. So all the screws came back off and we lined up said volume switch and put everything back together.

UPDATE 2: When everything was back together, we realized that the on/off switch was not lined up with the on/off switch on the inside of the DS. Again technical jargon. Anyway, screws out, switches line up and we now have a fully functioning DS, that can turn on and that has sound. Maybe I should have just left that part off.


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