After Missing Three Weeks…

… of karate would not be the opportune time to give a portion of the black belt test a go.

“What is the black belt test?” you say… well it’s about a 4 1/2 hour test of skills and forms and beatings.

Last night I returned to Karate after a three and a half week break… it wasn’t an intentional break. So the story goes…

Three and a half weeks ago we had our progress check and Mr. Hernandez, our instructor was in his typical form. During our progress check we working on some kicks and well at some point I did something that cause me some pain… in multiple places, but long term in my left knee. (HINT: if we ever find ourselves in a dark alley and you want to mug me… go for the left knee, go for the left knee). I did something to the point that one of the ladies that I had fight earlier (click here) said oh that must of hurt, you winced. I’m sure I used a few colorful words too, at least in my head. But not being bright, or at least being too proud to admit I was in pain I continued working out; I had to pass my progress test didn’t I?

So then, I was off to Fiji, walking the hills of a lot of different villages. None of that did my knee any good, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Coming back I couldn’t walk well, sit well, or get up from sitting well. I could sleep well or get out of bed to go to the bathroom well. I was a mess. Two weeks later nothing has much changed… I can do all those things a bit better, but far from well. BUT…

… BUT I did return to work out last night, and probably at the worst time, because he was taking us through the portions of the black belt test. I was dying, so much so that at some point during it all (probably only five minutes in) that Mr. Hernandez told me to take it easy. Essentially saying, don’t hurt yourself old man.

Well I survived, but if there were a Red Smurfs cartoon, I would’ve been a great candidate for the show. I was dying… sucking wind you might say. BUT I’m going back. I’ll do my best to not miss three weeks again.


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