Wrapping up Fiji

waterdemoAfter three weeks back in El Paso from our trip to Fiji we had a chance to share with Paseo. Each of us shared different aspects of our experience, what we loved and what we learned. We also shared a video. You can check it out here (sorry it doesn’t want to work right now). After listening to Amy, Britt and Mike share, I was reminded of what a great privilege it was to be able to change the world alongside of them.

This morning we were also able to demo the filter for everyone to see. This morning I went on down to the Rio Grande, which is a pretty dirty. In Fiji, at a couple different houses, we found a tadpole and a leech in the water that we were filtering. This morning while pouring our water sample from the Rio into the dirty bucket a fish was flopping around. That’s right, when we demo we make it as real as possible. It was honestly pretty awesome…. “we use a cloth to filter out the bigger bits of dirt, when we were in Fiji we even found a tadpole… look there’s a fish!”

After we had filtered a couple gallons we brought out the glasses and tasted a sample. You can see the difference in the water in the picture before and after we filtered.

We’re pretty excited about what we were able to do and look forward to what will happen in the future.


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