A bit more of our life…

tapeplayerWhen I was in grade school I liked AC/DC. Back in Black was the album of that era if you want to know how old I am… I think it was 3rd grade. It’s a  funny thing about listening to AC/DC, not my age and my like of the leather clad rock group, but that in order to listen to AC/DC I had to use the above type of cassette player, a cassette bigger than my iPhone, and a few D cell batteries just to listen to Hells Bells, Back n’ Black, She Shook Me All Night Long and 7 or so more songs.

Why is this all fresh in my memory? Well Saturday we went to the zoo. It was nice. They’ve been making a lot of improvements to the place. I can’t wait for it to be finished, some day. On the way home we were talking… we have a nine year old girl ( I can’t believe this ) so we were talking A lot. While we were talking A lot, a song came on the radio that we didn’t know and Abby wanted to know what it was… so I pulled out my iPhone and started up the Shazam App and it told me what the song was. Which is what got this post rolling… because we started talking about songs and how when we (Anne and I were younger) we would record songs off the radio by holding a tape recorder up to the speakers. Anne said I used to have a tape deck.

Abby from the back seat… “What’s a tape deck?”

We tried to explain it to her… but she just couldn’t get it.

Our daughter loves music. It’s a strange phase that has happened over the past couple months. She likes to go into her room to listen to the radio. She likes the DJ’s. She can’t wait to have an iPod. She doesn’t even care about CD’s. She’s skipped right over that.

Amazing. I can’t even imagine what’s coming down the pipe. Before she’s out of high school… we probably won’t have home phones, cable TV, why? I’ve got my laptop and movies on the internet, and it probably won’t have a keyboard. Oh and the cell phone, it probably will just be the head set not blue-toothed to a phone.

And you know what… I can’t wait.


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