And the bits of our life keep rolling

shadowHeard on the way to school…

Abby : I’m gonna have to college for a long time right mom.

Mom : That depends.

Abby : Well if I want to be a vet… like 12 years right.

Mom :  Yea maybe.

Abby : And Caleb will too right.

Mom : Well…

Abby : … Cause if he wants to be a scientist he’ll have to go like 10 years.

Mom : If he gets his masters degree, yeah he’ll go for a while.

Caleb : I want to be a biologist, archeologist, or a shadow puppeteer.

… laughter …

Caleb : How long do I have to go to school to be a shadow puppeteer?

Mom : I don’t think you have to go to college for that.

Caleb : Yep that’s it I want to be a shadow puppeteer.

Looking to get a new career started… look here for some shadow puppets you can start using at home… you know you want to Shadow Puppets.


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  1. The world needs more shadow puppeteers! Go Caleb!

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