Who Needs Ambien?

jfOh she’s old and she’s experienced…. solving mysteries, dodging danger. But I’m not interested in her looks or her experience, nope.

I’m using Mrs. Fletcher for something else.

My wife loves Jessica for the story, the shows, she has a number of the seasons of Murder She Wrote on DVD. I can’t say I’m a fan of the show, but I do watch it with Anne, well because she’s my wife, I love her and want to spend time with her and the things she loves.

But that’s not what I enjoy Jessica for, nope, I use that old bundle of hotness for something more… Sleep. Yep that’s right SLEEP. For some reason, Anne can pop that DVD in and if were in bed, I’m out cold. Last night after two hours of trying to sleep… I asked Anne to pop in a DVD, I wasn’t sure if it would work, but in less than 5 minutes I was gone, off to lullaby  land.

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  1. Now after I reread this… there may be another reason Anne always turns it on when I get into bed.

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