Reading this book…

I’ve been working through this book by Stetzer. It was on my list for last year, but now this year has almost come to an end as well… so I figured I better get to it. It is really good. I’m really enjoying reading through it.

Here’s a quote from the page I’m on (60), “we found that the most important thing we could do was not to present the newest program or idea but to seek to understand the people we were called to reach and develop processes to reach them.”

Now I know that should be followed up by a big “DUH,” but really how many churches simply grabbed the newest thing and laid it on top of their church, it’s people like a big soggy blanket and stood back and wondered why isn’t this working. I often came back from conferences… saying to myself how can I make this work, when in reality it was dead in the water before I ever got back on the plane headed home.

I should have read this book a long time ago.

Now a follow up to my post from yesterday… why in the world would I do this? Well for one reason, I like Shiner Bock… but I also know that the guys that live on either side of me… one a struggling, paid by the hour laundry mat worker and the other a school teacher who just bought his first house and is getting married in the fall needs a place to just…. haaaaaaaaa… breathe. I want to help provide that breathing room… and if I’m honest I need it to… a place to just stop and …. haaaaaaaaaa.


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