Only Be Strong and Courageous

I’m reading through the book of Joshua… a bit each week. We (the boys) and I are tackling, well we’re only reading five chapters a week, so it’s more like group hugging than tackling.

It has been a while since I went through Joshua, but I like it. A lot of interesting things going on in there. The first thing I noticed was that God tells Joshua to be strong and courageous… be strong and very courageous… be strong and courageous. Three times he throws that at Joshua. I don’t know why, maybe he was getting old and a bit weary. I don’t know… maybe it’s because God knew how whiney the Israelites were, or maybe it’s because Joshua knew and God needed to reassure him. Maybe he was hard of hearing… we are… so maybe he needed to hear it three times.

But my interest continued onto the end of the first chapter when Joshua tells a bunch of guys they have to keep fighting until God let’s them go back to the land he had given them… their response… Only be strong and courageous.

What? God’s telling me something and then people are telling me the same thing… maybe Joshua is just slow. Maybe he’s just human. I’m sure there’s a lot to the whole be strong and courageous deal… Joshua was going to attack a pretty big and bad city. But I’m thinking that maybe God leads us with his words and with others who speak the same words to us.

The question is are we listening to either… the answer may be we need to listen to both… it maybe if we don’t listen to God, even after three times he’ll send people to deliver his message too.

I don’t know.


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