on earth as it is in heaven…

What is God’s will that is going on in heaven that Jesus says we should be praying for here on earth? What do you think? Do you have any ideas?


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  1. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” What is God’s kingdom? The Bible says it is righteousness, peace and joy. Given that, I’d say the world needs a whole lot of God’s kingdom. I think that kingdom is produced when Jesus-followers actually live like He did, caring about people that the rest of the world shuns, embracing social justice and cultivating peace within in order to bring more peace to our own little corners of the world.

  2. Okay… what about in El Paso, our corner? How would you think to bring about peace? How do we carry this out on a daily basis? Can we? Is it lived out in the rest of the prayer? Sermon on the Mount? I was thinking about Jesus prayer, later on, for unity, the kind that he has with the Father and ask for us to have.

  3. Sermon on the Mount? Yes. Unity with God? Yes. Thich Nhat Hanh wrote a book called Peace is Every Step, the point being that we have to be peace in order to bring peace. So, I think it’s about intentional living and making choices that benefit the community. I don’t know enough about El Paso, yet, to know specifically what that might mean, but the women’s shelter and children’s home would be good starting points. A smaller community would be the church, home group, or neighborhood and reaching out to meet the needs of the members as they arise. Individuals need peace in their own lives, first. When that happens, I think they begin to pass it on to others. We’re back to talking about relationships.

    I think there are different levels of peace and even the smallest deeds contribute to the whole. For example, I write letters for Amnesty Intl. My former church adopted a needy Muslim family and helped them with bills and clothes throughout one MN winter. I once gave a young single pregnant woman a card with $100 in it because I felt God was telling me to help her. In the card, I said that I was a Christian and felt led to help her while I was praying. None of these are huge things, but I’d like to think that they contributed to peace/well-being in individual lives.

    I also try to think about how my decisions about my time and money might affect other people. For example, do I need to buy designer everything when I could be giving that money to people in need?

    I find that when I meditate on a regular basis, I feel more at peace with myself and more able to hear God’s voice. I think those ancient disciplines can be helpful in cultivating a spirit of peace. I also believe that we are all inter-connected, so if I see a need that I am able to fill without bringing harm to self or others, I think it’s my place to try to fill it.

    The difficulty for me is living this consistently. I think it has to be done within the context of community.

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