We sure like to talk…

The past two weeks we have been looking at the story of the Good Samaritan (here’s the story) at the Kerner/Ritter home. I love this story and the things that we can learn from it. I learned something new this time around too.

What strikes me interesting as I’m trying to wrap my thoughts around this story and close it out again is that things sure haven’t changed much in the past 2k years. What hasn’t change you ask? We would rather talk about things than actually do them. Whether you claim to be a follower of Jesus or not, we’d rather sit around a table chatting about the stuff that should be or could have been done rather than getting off our butts and actually doing it.

I appreciate that Jesus doesn’t give the “expert in the law” a tongue lashing, but tells a story that brings us back around to the fact that Jesus expects us to get busy meeting the needs of people that we cross paths with. Today that could be a lot of people. Our paths are everywhere, not just on a dusty road as in this story, but on TV, the Internet, Radio, and yes on your road. We will see needs everywhere.

Here’s the kicker… do you (do I) just see the needs or like Jesus shows us in this story, do I see, am I moved (deeply in the gut) by the need, do I get involved and touch, and help alleviate that need… OR would I rather sit and talk about it (blog about it)?


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