Happy Thanksgiving

This is probably my favorite holiday. Not a lot of show, not a lot of you need to buy this or that. They don’t decorate the stores for it… it’s usually already Christmased up by the time Thanksgiving gets around to showing up.

I’m not usually a very thankful guy in the sense that I am always thinking I’m thankful for this I’m thankful for that (maybe that needs to change), but I’m pretty content. I think we need some contentment in our lives… I think it combats the “you need this and that,” that is in our face. But I am thankful. I have a great family, I’ve had a great family…. on both my side and my wife’s side.

We have a great house that keeps us warm and secure. We have a pretty good neighborhood and for the most part we have really good neighbors. We have friends that we are thankful for.

And I have great memories of Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house. Lot’s of love and family around. We don’t have family in this area, so we make thanksgiving as good as we can for others. We’ve had people over the past few years and we really enjoy it. We’re doing that again tomorrow.

I hope you’re doing well, I hope you have friends and family to spend your day with tomorrow. If not and you’re in the area, we’ll save a seat for ya!


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