A clean slate…

About two weeks ago I had a hard drive issue. The issue would be a CRASH. I was pretty concerned at first, but honestly now looking back it has been a pretty good blessing. From a hardware point of view for a relatively small amount of money ($70) I was able triple the size of my hard drive…. pretty good deal in my mind.

Better than that even is the fact that I have lost everything. Initially of course I was like, oh crap, three years of docs gone. NO I DIDN’T BACK IT UP. I KNOW. I KNOW.

BUT, that was quickly and has continued to be a nice blessing. I have a clean slate. All those things that I kept, b/c I might need them. Gone. No, “should I keep this.” GONE.

When I got the OS back up, I got to organize my computer better than I had before. Something I would have never done had I had all those files. Now things are clean on my desktop, my documents are all (all three or four of them at this point) are organized… and the future ones will be too.

AND it makes me have to use my creativity again. Instead of thinking, oh I think I’ve got a copy of last years doc, I have to rethink, recreate, reevaluate everything and start from scratch.

It’s been good. About every other day or so, I’ll think of something I need and have a moment of “Ugh,” but it is quickly replaced with, what can I do this time.

— coming soon…. why is mr. jolly so fat.

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