Why is Mr. Jolly So Fat.

Wednesday would be a good reason, probably not the only reason, but definitely a major contributor.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Not in that order of course. The correct order would be Village Inn with my regular guys. Then a unscheduled call to meet at Peter Piper for a quick lunch and chit chat. And then the regularly scheduled lunch at Whataburger. I’m honestly not complaining, because for one I like to eat… healthier food would be a preference, but food, yeah I like it. And two, it was not just the food, but the conversation. Food in my view provides the atmosphere for good conversation. Maybe it takes the edge off, I don’t know for sure, but grab some people, throw some food in the mix and you’ll be provided with conversation…

… and…

A few extra pounds at the end of the day. Sadly this is the case for more than one of my days in a week.

And that is the reason, Mr. Jolly is Fat.

It could also be do to the lack of exercise in my life… maybe… I just saying.

coming soon… “…and that’s why I like paseo.”


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