It’s not how many burritos…

it appears to me that there is such an obsession with how many, how big, how fast… how how how…

I get that there is a need to measure, but I honestly get frustrated with the pressure that comes with it.

I honestly don’t know what God thinks when it comes to numbers. I know this though… that when numbers makes a person question his or her own value, then I know he doesn’t like it. Whether it’s what floor you live or work on, how much you weigh, how many zeros are in your salary, etc, etc… I think Jesus looks at it differently than we do.

I’m not sure why I’m caught up in this right now… what I guess I want to say is that Jesus cares that it’s just one burrito.

I like handing out burritos to the homeless on the streets of El Paso. I like to meet the need. I make up 24 burritos to hand out and I like to hand them all out, but I think if I only handed out one it is enough.

How many does Jesus want me to hand out? I don’t think it matters as much as the fact that He wants me to step out my door with the heart to do it.


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