Coffee with Robert

This morning before our staff meeting, I saw Robert. I have seen this guy around for years… normally riding a three-wheeler. The last couple of weeks he’s been walking, if you can call it that. His body is failing from what I can tell. Years of being on the street, and just being old too I imagine.

I didn’t know Robert’s name until after attending a presentation on resources for the homeless. He was brought up, because if you’ve lived in El Paso and spent any time

downtown or on the West side of town you’ve probably seen him. Here is a picture my friend took of him a few years back… when he had his bike. This morning he told me it had been taken from him.

Today I got a chance to sit with him and chat. He says he is in his 70’s… I’m thinking maybe sixties. He’s not sure when he was born, some time in the thirties is all he could tell me. Robert was a very gracious man. We talked a bit about El Paso, the places we knew in Mexico and how cold it was. He’s been on the street for most of his life. I look forward to seeing more of Robert in the weeks ahead. I know people have tried to get Robert into a home, but his home is the street now. He’s been there so long, anything else would be foreign to him.

I’m okay with that. A coffee, a breakfast burrito, and a good chat with Robert. It made my day, I hope his day was good too.


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