History of Christianity in Spanglish.

I spent last night over at our neighbors house. It has been a blessing to be a part of their lives and the journey they/we are on with Jesus. Recently we started a study of Philippians. After the first night they were like, What? We’re lost. So we set up a time to get together to explain Paul and his letters and the Philippians.

So I show up 9pm to give them some info. The first question they ask as the coffee is being prepared… so how old is the earth and what about creation. 2 hours later we make it to the death of Steven, an introduction to Paul and his trip to Philippi.

I honestly never thought the history of Christianity could be so fun or that I would laugh as much as we did. If Paul was listening in, it’ll be an interesting conversation when I see him some day… in Spanglish. I’m gonna drag Ro and Pao along with me though cause I’m not taking the blame for all of it.


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