Blog Traffic

I am amazed at why some of my posts get traffic and why some don’t. For some reason some are pounded some not. I’m going to try and investigate it. I’m sure someone much smarter than I could tell me right away.

The thing that I struggle with is this… I can’t seem to search for the very blog post that I wrote and find it in a google search. I can type the title the content and still nothing. I’m not sure what’s up… for example I have a title “keep it simple stupid” where I quote Steven King and about saying/writing things in simple manner. This was months ago, maybe a year ago now and it still gets hits over and over again every day.

Today I wrote about tough choices… it’s happening again. I’m interested. If you are a blog guru… shed some light on this for me. How are blog posts published and found, what about one post, title, content brings it up more often? How does one get more hits?


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