Making the tough/right choices

Here we go again. If you’ve been reading this thing you know I’ve attempted to make the decision a number of times and it has been less than successful. One time in my life, sadly only once, for a short 6 months I made the right choice… the same right choice over and over. 4 years later all those right choices have been for not.

Two days ago I decided to make the right choice again and it has honestly been harder these three days than the 6 months combined.

The ability to choose to eat better in that time was honestly easy. It was honestly as simple as switching a light switch. I’m not sure what it was. Fear? Maybe. Not wanting to take med? That was part of it. The slideshow shot I saw of myself? Partly. But all of those are outside influences. Maybe you say who cares it works… but for me it’s a lack of self-control, motivation, dedication. Sure I had to go to the gym four/five days a week a choice everytime, but for some reason the last four years has not produced that drive.

So today… and yesterday and tomorrow I’m making the difficult choices of eating well. A cupboard full of Valentines candy… and the resistance continues. Today I begin walking again. Four nights a week.

Here we go, this time the process is work.


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