Hiking in the El Paso area

I continue to be amazed by El Paso. I’ve been here 15 years almost and I’m still finding places within an hour or so to see. In the middle of the desert there is water, there are trees and this year more snow than I’ve seen since leaving Oregon.

Another cool thing about this is the time to be alone… really alone… wondering if I’m going to get eaten by a Mtn. Lion alone. Pushing those thoughts way back in the brain and I was able to spend four hours alone in quiet and beauty. Where I was you wouldn’t know that a city of 2 million people was less than an hour away. That what the world calls the most dangerous city in the world is just a short drive away. Up in the mountains where I was you wouldn’t know anyone was around… except for the few places where some dumb kids tagged a rock or shared their love for each other by carving their names in a tree… other than those dumb kids it was incredible.

Loving this part of the world more and more.

Wanna go for a hike… let me know and I’ll give you the details… or maybe join you. With the rain there should be snow still at Aguirre Springs and waterfalls at Dripping Springs.


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