I am amazed by technology. I like it and I’m amazed by it.

You know that I have been handing out burritos for a while now and today I took a friend of mine with me. I recently found out about a piece of technology and thought I’d give it a go. It’s called Ustream. It’s kind of like youtube, but you can go live. Maybe you can with youtube too, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, with my iPhone I was able to download a Ustream app and turn my phone into a onsite recorder.

So after we finished up burritos John and I sat down in the park and I did a sort of mini/test interview with him to get his thoughts about the experience. It wasn’t great, the interview or the quality, but I think the technology is awesome and I’m going to try to do it some more and see if there is anything to do to work out the audio/video sync issue.

Here it is if you want to check it out. The other cool part is it streams live to the internet, so you can have people viewing it from anywhere. I think the possibilities are amazing. Maybe it’s not so amazing, but from my phone to the internet is cool.

If you listen/watch you’ll hear about Richard. This is Richard. He wanted to show us

hisradio with the fork for an antenna. I just wanted a picture of his radio, but he wanted us to take his picture too. I have never had someone so willing to talk to us. He was very proud to be an American.


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