A day on the farm

It has been a number of years since we spent time with our family in Arizona… at least like we used to. It was really good. They have moved since we last saw them. They bought some land and refurbished a run down house into a really cool place. They have 5 horses… goats, chickens, rabbits and a cow.

We spent the day getting down and dirty Arizona farm style.

My kids loved it too. We milked a goat, bottle fed the baby goats, went after some farm fresh eggs and road the horses. This was only my third time to ride a horse. It was a good time for me. I got to ride my horse as fast as she could get going with me on her back. That was good too.

After a long day of playing and helping work a bit too, we had hotdogs over the fire with the neighbors.

It was good spending time with family. We had a good time. Look forward to getting back that way. BUT we brought some of the experience home with us. Two 5 gallon buckets of rabbit crap. “It’s Gold for your garden” according to Aunt Gigi. Here’s hoping for some monster tomatoes.


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