I’m glad Joel Osteen is happy…

… but I bet he’s not happy all the time. I’m honestly sick of hearing people talk bad about the guy, that his message is shallow, that it lacks spiritual “deepness.” Yeah he’s got a big smile and some stink’n slick hair, but I bet that he’s been through the ringer more than anyone that will read this post. I’m sure his inbox is full of people who’ve got it “right” when it comes to Jesus. I bet that he’s had some dark days where there isn’t clarity. Maybe I’m wrong…

… but I bet I’m not.

I’ve been struggling with how to share this with people. I’ve been struggling with putting the “Joel Osteen” on it, trying to put a everything will be alright with Jesus-spin on it. No offense to my buddy Joel. I appreciate that he pushes to put some light and positive perspective into the dark situations that we find in this world. We could use more of that honestly.

But back to my spinning. I was sharing a bite to eat this afternoon with a friend and we talked about difficult situations, not being able to see the future, what God would want us to do and all the “Jesus-Speak” which is probably not at all what Jesus would say, but many Christians sure have adopted it… like this one… “when the world is falling apart remember that it’s really just falling into place.” or “be patient, don’t get ahead of God” or “remember God is in control and he causes the growth.”

I get all that, I get that God is in control and that we should wait on him and that will take everything that’s falling apart and put it together somehow, ok I’m not sure I believe that one.

Here’s my point, why can’t things just suck sometimes? Why do we have to be all happy happy joy joy. Because honestly right now I don’t feel it. I’m not like depressed and suicidal, but I am pretty upset with a couple of people that I’ve invested a lot into over the past two years that have pretty much just decided they just don’t really care that much.

There’s this song on KLOVE that’s by Amy Grant. It’s about God likes a cry or a moan or something like that more than a hallelujah from a choir or something. I think the song sucks personally and I don’t even fully believe the theology behind it… but I do think that God can handle a what the (*&)*&#)$*# is going on… so why can’t people who follow Jesus just say you know what that does suck. Why do they have to feel like they have to put a Jesus bandaid on it.

Okay… I told you I was struggling to get this out. And as far as the $#(&$)#))*(* language I do think he can handle it, but after reading Ephesians I’m thinking he doesn’t want us to talk like dirty birds, well at least Paul doesn’t think we should.

Joel buddy. You rock… I can’t stop looking at your shiny white smile and you’re awesome hair… they’re hypnotic.


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