The ‘H’ Factor

What is the ‘H’ Factor you ask… It is Hazael. He’s the guy that makes me work out. He’s the guy that asks what I’ve eaten. He’s good at what he does. So I figured I share a bit of what he’s doing to me here.

Each morning starts out the same…. 30+ minutes on the treadmill. This lasts until I’ve burned 500 calories. It’s honestly a killer.

Then stretching. All sorts of stretching. This is mostly due to the fact that my body over the past three years has taken a nose dive and decided it doesn’t much want to work so well… especially my knees.

This is the same every day. Then the next phase begins… Friday was:

1. 15 Leg lifts (laying face down on a bench and lifting legs up working the lower back)
2. 20 pushups
3. 15 pullups (laying on the ground, under a bar and pulling your body up to the bar)
4. A speed walk around the building about 1/4 mile
Repeat three times.

That’s was it for Friday. See ya Monday.

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  1. ah…. i knew I forgot something… Just before the walk… you threw a medicine ball up over your head against the wall and caught it into a squat and back up again 15 times.

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