The Follower II : He SAW.

I recently shared this example with you…


Today I want to dig into He SAW a bit, expand on it a little. As I share these things, in no way do I want to claim that I have it down, that I’m living this to the extent that I want to. I’m just attempting to follow the example.

So let’s get to it. He SAW.

When you look at the life of Jesus do you see that he does? He is aware of what is going on, he sees the needs of those that around him. As we follow him and the example he laid out for us, I believe that we are supposed to see with his eyes the way he sees things.

Do you see what’s going on around you? Do you? Are you’re eyes open to the needs that come and go into and out of your life, you situation? Do you see the couple fighting? Do you see the homeless guy on the corner, the child at your child’s school who’s always hanging around? Do you see our child’s teacher, your classmate, your neighbors, your spouse/kids.

The reason I ask is this… I think that we don’t see. We have trained ourselves, our eyes to disregard a huge amount of what is going on all around us. We have learned to ignore the majority of what passes before us.

It’s like we have a spam filter for our life, which I think we could argue is probably good, sometimes. BUT with the amount of things going on around us, we have set the filter too high in order to protect ourselves, but I’m thinking maybe so much so that we don’t see anymore, really see. Maybe we need to readjust our filter settings.

In Matthew 20.29-34 as Jesus is walking down the street on his way out of Jericho two guys, blind guys, are yelling out to Jesus, asking for their sight. They are want their physical sight. I think like them, we are blinded to the things going around us and we need to ask Jesus to open our eyes to the needs around us.

Soon I’ll talk about He STOPPED.


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