We´ve arrived

Sam had a great day of traveling. We only almost missed one flight because we forgot about the time change. We arrived fine and pretty rested as we were able to sleep on the plane.

When we arrived in Ecuador we were welcomed by our friend Marcelo and a friend of his here in Ecuador who is from Missouri. He has some great work here and in Panama that he is doing with aquaculture… raising Tilapia for resale and providing food for different soup kitchens.

Today we provided a filter to one of those soup kitchens that will now be able to provide clean water to all their children.

We will continue to share more filters with families and a school in the days to come and we look forward to getting to know more families and areas in this country.

Tonight we were able to share with the local church and Sam was able to encourage them with a great message.

Now that we´ve found this cyber cafe we hope to be able to share pictures in the days to come… maybe a video depending on speed.

Thank you for the prayers.


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  1. Talapia? Babe, seriously? I’m doomed. :). Glad you’re having a good time. My heart is in Ecuador!

  2. Great! Hope you’re having a good time. I love you. Bye, Daddy! PS See you on Sunday.
    Love, Goose

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