The meeting

Last night Sam and I along with Marcelo (Chilean missionary in Ecuador) went to the church to meet up with the two future pastors of the church. Marcelo is turning more and more responsibility over to these two men and their wives, so he wanted us to spend some time with them sharing about the filters and the fall.

When the other two guys arrived, it was hot and humid and there were mosquitos all over the place. Sam and I came prepared with repellent, thank God as it appears the bugs like our blood more than the others… maybe it´s a treat from the normal.

The meeting went very well. Many of the desires from this church and the way they desire to work line up with Paseo´s vision. Two in particular…

Entrust… Marcelo is handing over responsibility to these two families. They don´t feel they are ready, but he is encouraging them and allowing them to stumble while they get their feet under them.

Engage/Entrust… these two guys want to have the individual members talk to their immediate neighbors to establish relationships and gift them with the water filter for a continuing bond. They aren´t hording the gift, but sharing it with the rest of the church.

Engage II… The church is meeting the needs of the community by providing meals every day for about 40 children… who would often go without.

Both Sam and I felt very good about the meeting and are looking forward to how God might use the gift of clean water to enable opportunities for this local church to impact it´s community.


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