Breakfast on the Streets

This morning I went downtown to share breakfast with people living on the streets. Saw some regulars and some new guys too. This morning we shared a burrito with a lady who had all her gear in a rolling type shopping cart type of deal. She had the longest hair I have seen in a long time too. It was all in one thick dread. She was wrapping it up in a head covering when we approached.

We sat down to share  a burrito with her and she invited us to talk a bit and so we sat down and when she saw my daughter she was all excited and just started to love on her. Now normally this would have set me on edge, but she was grandmotherly old and had a very sweet demeanor to her (plus I think I could have taken her if the need arose… I am in karate you know).

Anyway it was very sweet and we sat for awhile and listened to her story and as we got up to leave she said a blessing over us and gave us both a hug. It was a very special moment. Something my daughter probably won’t forget. She was freaked out a little, but when I told her what the lady was doing (it was all in spanish), she was more okay with it.

I love that I am able to go out and provide for people in this way and I’m especially glad to be able to do it with my daughter. I’m also blown away at how when I go out to serve, God is there working to in return bless me as well.


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  1. where’s the “like” button?

  2. Love it Steve. When are yall coming here to visit??

  3. It was a great morning. It’s hard with the transient life that this people group lead to have long term connections. Some of the guys I’ve gotten to know are long term people and I can find them in their regular spots… this lady it was the first time. We’ll see if she’s around again.

    I’m starting to think about more than just giving them a burrito, what else can we do? I think it’s enough and good, but just wondering now.

    Dea… I wish we were closer… but we might be able to pull of a trip after the new year… especially after the humidity leaves your area.

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