A straight path

Earlier this week I posted about the day after Jesus healed all the people in a town and cast out the demons and what an amazing next morning that must have been. It’s hard to imagine what a day like that would feel like.

Earlier in the chapter of Mark, just a few verses earlier there was the quote from Isaiah about a voice of one calling in the desert (John) saying, “make straight paths.” I look at these two different accounts… the message of making a straight path and the healing that Jesus performed. I imagine that most anyone would be willing to listen to Jesus after that amazing night and next morning. He had given the people and the town a new start.

I like the idea of making a straight path to Jesus. I want to be a straight path maker and I’m hoping that part of what I’m doing with my life is doing just that. In November and again in the not to distant future it is my hope to give people a new morning, a morning that will change the outlook of their future. I get to go to Ecuador with a small team of people to provide clean water filters to 100+ families. Over 500 people will have a new morning/future experience. Never again will they have to get sick from dirty water. They will have clean water FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. I can’t imagine what this will be like. I’m not sure I can ever grasp it entirely, because I have always had clean water.

It is my hope that this new morning and future will be the first step down a straight path towards Jesus. If not I’m glad that because of Jesus in my life, I get to be a part of their future being dramatically changed for the better.

We’re also working at Robert’s Elementary making over the teacher’s lounge.

Some friends of mine build houses… a straight path and a fresh start the next morning.

Looking forward to what’s ahead.


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