What’s Your Smell?

Not to long ago I took my kids to the movies… I think it was Despicable Me if I remember right. The movie was alright, but what I left was, was this… We sat down, my son on my left and my daughter on my right and we sat back and watched the numerous previews and behind the scenes movie stuff before the movie and fought off the, “oh can we see that?” “oh I want to see that!” “oh daddy can we see that? Mommy will take me to see that.” As we settled in for the movie to start, my son leans over, grabs my arm and snuggles in and rests his head on my left and my daughter snuggles in grabbing and resting her head on my right. That lasted for a few seconds when my son looks up at me and says, “you smell different.” I race through my memories to see if I could remember if I had showered earlier that morning… check, all good on that front. “What do you mean…” , “yeah you smell different,” from my right. They both continue telling me I don’t smell like me. “Oh,” I say…”I changed shower soap” and they continue to say they like the other smell better. It made me think and has stuck with me for about a month now and back in my mind this morning while looking at my “new smell” soap. I started thinking about that and if there was any importance to it and thinking about how my dad smelled, if I could remember. Of course I remembered, because, my “old, better smell” was Old Spice the same smell that my dad had. He only used Old Spice, deodorant and aftershave and it was “his smell.” Back in the day there weren’t too many to choose from… Old Spice, Right Guard, Brut maybe… but my dad was an Old Spice guy. There probably isn’t a lot to this, but there is something I think and it is not so much what the smell is, but that there is a memory attached to it. A consistency, a pattern, something that they could breathe… …in… … and … …remember. Nowadays there’s a new smell every week from deep chocolate, excite, explode, after dark… who knows… I’m making these up. But I mean Axe has about 50 of it’s own flavors all by it’s self. And I wonder if we lose something by having so much to choose from. Most of the people my age could say without question what of guy there dad was… Old Spice, Right Guard, or Brut… and I think there is something good about that. If I jump from scent to scent will my kids have to go to therapy later in life, no, but I think there is something to this and I think I’m switching back.

Oh and the new ads are great… here are  a few for you to enjoy.


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  1. Nice moment until the “you smell”!

    I love these ads, creative.

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