Sharing Clean Water

Born and raised in the United States of America, having clean water to drink has never ever ever been an issue for me. It’s always been as close as a walk to the kitchen. I have never ever ever been sick because of anything I have drank. In fact, growing up in Oregon, my tap water tasted better than most any bottle water around. Nice and cold right from the tap or even the hose.

Unfortunately that is not the case for the majority of the world. Sadly, I was unaware of that reality until just recently. I lived most of my life without the thought crossing my mind. Fortunately, my eyes have been opened and I have been able to help change that for a few families on this planet. I’ve just returned from my 3rd trip to Ecuador where I along with a team of six others were able to provide clean water filters for over 600 people.

Many of these families only have access to water three times a week when they must fill dirty cisterns. Others only get water when the water truck makes it around to their neighborhood. Come winter (and the rains) the water truck won’t even be able to get to their homes and they’ll have to haul it in by hand.

We were welcomed by many into their homes where we assembled and taught them how to install the filters. It was an incredible week. The team was great, the families were grateful and our hosts amazing.

I look forward to hearing how our short trip will have changed these families for the rest of their lives.


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