In the Midst of Crisis

I tend to be a jump in there and fix it kind of person. Is there a problem… do this do this do this and then do this and then… oh I should have stepped back and taken a breath first. In ministry it can seem that there is a crisis around each corner and being that a lot of people, ministers, pastors, preachers, etc etc etc like to be like and want to feel needed, they jump in quick when there is a crisis… because they want to solve the problem.

So as I walk through this life of a pastor, care giver, community advocate, I’ve decided to write down and re-assess situations I find myself in so that I can be better prepared for the crisis scenario to rear it ugly head the next time.

And to try and make it easier to remember I’m using ABC’s

A – Assess the situation
* What’s going on?
* Who’s involved?
* What facts do we have so far?

B – Bring together a team?
* Do you have a ministry team / eldership / board ?
* Is there someone especially trained to deal with your particular situation?

C – Calm Down (this is for me… don’t overreact before moving on to ‘D’)
* Take a breath
* Ministry teams, this is a good time to pray for guidance & discernment

D – Decide What To Do
* What steps need to be taken?
– Are there kids to be cared for? Pets? Bills?
– Can meals be provided for?
– What tasks need to be covered?
* Who needs to be contacted?
– Family, work
* Who will communicate with team?
*Is this a long term or short term situation?

Then… a couple days afterwards:

E – Evaluate the ABC & D.
* How did it go?
* What went well?
* What would you do next time?
* If possible, what steps can be taken to prevent the crisis from happening again?
* Implement those steps.

Do you have a crisis plan? What do you have in place that I have missed? Do you even think it’s necessary?


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