Eights Months

That’s right eight months from now it will be Halloween time again. For the past four years we’ve hosted a neighborhood carnival. It’s a pretty good time with 100 of our closest friends. Well neighbors at least for the time being friends bit by bit.

Well if you live in other parts of the country you won’t get this, but here along the border Halloween is a crazy time because the families from Juarez come over to score candy…. It’s pure craziness on our street. What you probably are used to is all the too old gringo type trick or treaters that shouldn’t (IMHO) come to my house begg’n for candy. But that’s just me being a grumpy old man. I’m nearly 40 you know. I’ll write more about that later.

So since October I’ve been thinking about all these hormone filled too old to be tricker treat’n middle schooler types and how I believe that if I have to give them candy I should get to mess with them too.

SOOO…. A mini haunted house is forming in my mind. More like a haunted hallway, but hallways are scary right?!! Of course this is all in good fun, because I love my neighborhood, drug dealers and all, and I just want to provide some entertainment…. Really this doesn’t have anything to do with getting back at all those bullies that picked on me in Jr high.

So… Watch out niños viene el chupacabra.

Here are some pictures from a past Funoween.


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  1. You could always do a good old fashioned judgment house!

  2. Where did you go for Halloween… weird.

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