Disciplining Your Child

When I was child, two or three days ago, I experienced my fair share of spankings. I was the form of discipline used in my house. It worked to… extra well when the broom stick or HotWheels race track was used. I have no doubt I deserved every spank I received… and I think I’m a better person for each one.

As proud parents of two of our own little chiltlins we had to go through the spank don’t spank decision making. In the end we decided on spanking… along with other things like time out, stand in the corner, etc.

However now that our kids are older, I’m just not comfortable spanking anymore. Not that I don’t want to every now and again. But over the past couple of years we’ve started to get more creative.

We’ve pulled weeds, washed the card, scrub the sidewalk and then this week, the shuttle run. The shuttle run with push ups and jumping jacks in between each set. I have to be honest this may be the best one yet. I get to talk to them while they run, they get exercise and by the time their done, the pain of the exercise/discipline is much worse than the fun or excitement or peer pressure of doing something that they know they shouldn’t be doing.

I love my kids. I love their hearts. I love that afterwards, no matter the form of discipline we instill, I can sit with them hug them and talk through the why of their poor decision and talk about a better choice moving forward.

How do you discipline? Do you think I’m cruel? What do you suggest?


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  1. we discipline just like you did. our kids are still young… and spanking is still appropriate… so we do, when it’s needed.

    i have a question tho… do you ever wonder if using exercise as a form of punishment will make them not want to exercise in the future?

    i don’t know the answer, but i definitely need to get more creative as my boys get older. i’m thinking Chance will be ok with groundings… but I may have to beat Paxton for the rest of his life 😉

    • That’s something I haven’t thought about.

      We’ve only used it when something was really needed to be driven home.

      Mostly they lose electronics for the average misbehavior issue.

      When I got in trouble on a team and we had to run laps or do pianola I didn’t hate working out, but maybe with a parent child discipline issue it has a different effect?

  2. i have no clue. i’m just hoping you guys will get it right cuz we’re about to do whatever you do 😉

    in other news… Chance loses his electronics privileges every time he picks his nose and eats it. 2 months ago, he lost his privilege every week, at LEAST once. now… it hasn’t happened since 2 weeks ago. obviously THAT’S working.

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