No Water

Rooftop Last Night at Sunset

Rooftop Last Night at Sunset

As I turn on the faucet in the shower I watch the flow of water come out of the shower head to fill my little cup… it’s running slow and it stalls and then stops all together, leaving my cup only 1/3 of the way full. Being fully aware of my need to lose a few pounds I realize this is not going to be enough water to bathe with. It’s early. I’m the first up this morning, so I grab first shower to realize that we had run out of water. In El Recreo the city will only turn on it’s water ever Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Each house has a holding tank built under the foundation of the house. The water then has to be pumped up to another holding tank on the roof where, by gravity, it feeds into the house. Luckily this morning the pump just needed to be turned on to refill the rooftop tank. We are staying on the third floor of a house in El Recreo. On the second floor lives the owner of the house and on the first floor our contacts here in Ecuador, Marcelo, Sandra and their two children Sebastian and Allison. With the addition of 8 people to the mix, the water runs out quicker. It’s one of the ways that a posture of gratefulness is taken. It’s easy to take for granted the ‘unlimited’ water that we have in the states. Being forced to get out of the shower to pump water up the the roof brings home how fortunate I am and how blessed as well. We’re rushing out the door right now to get breakfast and prepare for the day. When we return home this evening, twenty-five families will have clean water to drink for the rest of their lives. I am grateful for this opportunity.


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