A Meal During Tough Times

In the midst of a struggling economy what are you doing to get over the constant barrage of drama incited news and coverage? I’m tired and worn out from all the politicking that has already begun about how bad things are. I know things are tough for A LOT of people, but I don’t think Washington is going to be the answer and I don’t think that China is going to take over our country.

BUT, what are you doing to make it in these tough times. I’d like to suggest a few things…

If I take my wife out, which I enjoy doing, I can drop $50 pretty easily at a restaurant and another $30 for a movie… with popcorn and snackage.

What if you and another couple make plans to share a meal together once a week? I don’t know about your upbringing, but we didn’t do this in my family. But I enjoy doing it now. I know that for half that date night, we can feed another family and take enough over to the neighbors just to say, “we’re thinking about ya!”

Throw in a redbox rental and your good to go.

That’s just the financial benefit. Add to that the conversation and the laughter around the table. Now you’ve lifted up another family and yourself. I know that your probably thinking, I don’t have time to prepare a meal and clean the house and and and and… but really when you’re over at another person’s house are you that critical of how clean it was? I’m not talking hoarders…. I’m talking about… do you really need to deep clean your house to have someone over? The answer is NO.

Enjoy the company of another family… share a meal… split the cost and multiply the savings… or you host one week and they the next.

You can do this… you can save money, bless another family and make your neighborhood a better place.

I’d love to hear about your attempt to save some cash, invest in your friends and neighbors and make it through all the negative noise out there.


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