Assessments and Reflections

A couple of weeks ago I made the decision, with the full support of my wife (which I should probably write about at some point), to step down from my current position at Paseo Church. You can read about it here. I’m not sure what the next move is, which makes me a little nervous… this is not a typical move for me. I’ve taken steps of faith into situations, but I’ve never taken a step of faith into the complete unknown. I don’t have any income coming in and I don’t have a place to move to… it’s going to be a good process I’m sure.

So, because I’m not sure what’s coming or what exactly I want to do, I’ve decided to take some time and do some assessment of my strengths and weaknesses. One assessment I took dealt solely with relational interactions. It came back with three suggestions, so I figured I share those here… one at a time.

The first is:

Learn to live more consistently in the present moments of life. In other words, be centered and engaged rather than distracted and disengaged.

This was something that I had realized about myself in the past and was a good reminder. I tend to be always moving on to the next thing while still in the midst of whatever is right in front of me. I was reminded of this in Ecuador this last trip. I was in a beautiful country doing amazing work and helping people and I was thinking about the week after when I would be back in El Paso.

This is not good. I miss out on the joy of the moment. It devalues the experience and the people right in front of me. I think that our world is moving that way as a whole, not as an excuse for my own behavior, but life with twitter, facebook, and now google+ have us in constant, “what’s happening out there” or “I don’t want to miss what so and so is doing” so we are constantly checking in at the expense of what is happening right here in front of me.

I believe this lifestyle spills into the rest of our lives… it has the potential to at least.

This is something that I definitely want to work on. To help with this, I’m going to reread two books:


Practice the Presence of God                                          In Praise of Slowness

How do you stay engaged and present?


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  1. Really great post!

  2. I hope moving forward you find all you’re hoping to find.

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