All I Want For Christmas…

I know it’s early, but the stores are starting to put stuff out… so I figured I’d get in there early… and since it’s only two things I figured geez you can handle that. If you don’t know where to deliver them, let me know and I’ll pass on the address.

Number 1:  iPhone 5

Yep I’m an apple junkie, but hey I’ve been patient waiting 3 years to upgrade. I know some people that have upgraded their phones 3 or 4 times during my stint with the brick that barely makes calls now. Bring it Apple give me my first Christmas wish.




Number 2: Canon 5d Mark III

Yeah baby, I’m upgrading and I can’t wait… that is if you love me enough to get me this little bundle of joy. I purchased my current camera on sale when Circuit City was headed out of business. That’s been well that’s been a while too. So if you can convince Canon to drop this baby on the market, I’ll provide the stocking and cookies, so bring that baby on over. I’ll even open the front door so you don’t have to climb down our chimney.



Thank you and Ho Ho Ho… Happy Merry Christmas in September.

Oh Yeah and Number 3: Peace On Earth… cue the music.


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  1. How bout I buy an iphone 5 for me & you buy one for you & then we just say: Merry Christmas – hope you like what I got you! Deal?

  2. and this is exactly why costco has all their christmas stuff out already.

    i wish you could see me rolling my eyes at you.

    in other news. i want to buy you all those things. i really do. your job now is to pray that brian gets a bomb diggity job because we all know what we currently make.

    good news… what i don’t make it money, i receive in Jesus love… in the shape of Mexicans showing up at my house. praise Jesus.

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