Pew Sitting Is Not For Me…

… or soft cushy chairs or plastic IKEA or… well you get the point. I have been in full-time ministry for the past 18 years… wow that makes me feel old saying that.

In a short 20 days – minus a week long hunting trip that comes to an end. And by the way I am really excited and ready to sleep in a crappy cot in the cold Wyoming countryside with a buddy of mine, looking for animals to shoot. REALLY EXCITED.

so… 20 days from now I’m out, maybe. To be honest, I sat in a IKEA chair this past Sunday for the first time in almost five years since I jumped in with helping plant Paseo Church. And to be honest… it really bothered me. I’m not sure how else to put it, except that Pew Sitting Is Not For Me. I was uncomfortable, I was antsy, I felt trapped… BUGGED ME.

I’ve just begun to wrestle with this and what the implication it has on my life… but right now I can’t see it continuing… right now it just feels wrong to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve not done it since well 18 years ago. Maybe it’s just I’m not used to sitting during a Sunday morning church service.

Maybe it is wrong… maybe? Maybe not. Is it okay to be comfortable in that position? In my head right now I’m wrestling with what I’m saying… trying to defend what I’m saying and at the same time justifying the time a person comes and enjoys the soft cushions. They need it one side says, while the other says, no… for too many that’s all there is.

I’m not sure what to make of it, but I know I’m not a pew sitter and I don’t want to push through until it’s comfortable. Can’t, it’s just not me.


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