Reading To Your Children

I am no expert on reading. As a matter of fact, up until the fourth grade I went to see the reading specialist, because of my inability to read. I remember this as not being a pleasant experience. I don’t however receiving a Mickey Mouse pin for achieving some milestone… probably the only positive thing I remember.

A short five weeks ago I began tutoring at a local elementary school. One that struggles in many areas, but in reading in particular. I work with kinder – 4th grade students, with most of my one on one time with kinder and 1st grade.

I’m sad to say that many of the children struggle even to know the alphabet… let alone the sounds each letter makes. When we do sneak in sight words, often times we also have to add the definition to those words.

I believe there are many benefits that reading brings. First I believe it creates an amazing connection between you and your child. The closeness, the physical touch of snuggling up to a book, voices being heard and shared. Expressions and tone in voice; excitement, sadness, tension, love and happiness. These are just a few of the things that I have experienced and know to be true and I am no expert.

If you read to your child when they are young… you will give your child an advantage that will go with them all through their lives and especially in their early years of school.

And lastly it will increase their imagination. I love this one especially as I love to see my kids use it outside of reading… and in writing their own books.

So… take some time and read to your children. Make up a story while holding your book in the car. Pretend you’re reading a story to them. I don’t care… just read.

What memories do you have from your childhood and reading?


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