Knowing…. ?

You don’t know jack… you can stop here now… or if you want you can finish up.


We pride ourselves on knowing. If we know we have power, or seem to think so. If we know, we have control… again we think. If we know, then there’s no need to worry… that doesn’t much work either.

Knowing is something we strive for, we think that it will bring us comfort… at least it lets us know where we are. ūüėČ

This past week our home group finished up chapter of eight of the gospel of Luke. It ends with an amazing story of healing, hope and acceptance. It honestly blows so many holes in our ideas of who’s in and out and who has access to Jesus.

It also blows up this idea of knowing.

Here are a few definitions:

1. to perceive or understand as fact or truth;
    to apprehendclearly and with certainty: I know the situation fully.
2. to have established or fixed in the mind or memory: to know a poem by heart;

    Do you know the way to the park from here?
3. to be cognizant or aware of: I know it.
This daddy has a girl and she’s sick… near death when he finds Jesus. By the time they get back to his house a messenger has announced she didn’t make it. And I can imagine the wind just being knocked out of this dad. Jesus moves on… “Don’t be afraid. Just believe” comforting daddy.
Here’s the part that has just stuck with me… when the arrive at the house, people are wailing, lamenting the death of the little girl. Jesus tells them to “stop wailing.” ( I love that part btw, kinda makes me laugh )
He continues, “she’s not dead, but asleep.”
And they laugh, knowing that she is dead.
Of course she’s not… Jesus does his work and she is saved which is great, but in my context, it’s the arrogant, we know better¬†( not really knowing anything), that gives me hope in this situation.
The arrogance can be on both sides of knowing too… knowing what Jesus will do. Knowing what he won’t do. Knowing what will happen this afternoon, or next week, or worry about not knowing. The truth is… there is very little we know. But we are so dependent on knowing. When we give advice to someone… it’s because we know what’s better for them. Or we’ve seen how situations will work out, because we’ve seen it a hundred times before.
BUT then there’s this guy who throws wrenches into everything we’ve ever thought we knew. He goes and touches the person he shouldn’t touch, he heals the person who doesn’t deserve to be healed. He hangs out with the worst of people and he hangs out with the most arrogant of people (could be the same?)… funny thing is we all have our own picture of who’s in and who’s out. He breaks religious rules that we know are so important and he makes things important that we think are such a waste of time. He even walks away from people when we know that we’re supposed to give 100% of ourselves to them.
Knowing… the reality is we don’t know much when it comes to what is going to happen. How it’ll work out, or if it will at all. All we can know is that Jesus will work it in a way we can’t be 100% sure of… as soon as we say we know, the reality is … we don’t… and in this situation of a little girl who died, I’m sure the daddy glad he didn’t know.

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