Who are you more like?

Yesterday I posted about how we think we know what God will do… and how often times, probably most of the time the box we attempt to put him, he just busts through… He is not bound by our borders. His grace and power will go further and do more and heal more and embrace more that we can imagine. THANK GOD for that.

Today… still looking at the same interaction in Luke 8 we see to people, who couldn’t be more different get access to Jesus. AND I think this should give us hope and peace.

In Luke 8.4-53 we see these two people, Jairus and an unnamed woman.

Jarius                             Unnamed Woman

male                                   female
clean & respected           unclean: blood issue for 12 years
money                                no money
daughter sick                   she is sick
power                                 no power
influence                           vulnerable
family community          no one can touch her

I don’t know where you fall in regards to these two camps… probably somewhere in the middle. If you’re reading this blog, if you’re on the internet, you probably are closer to Jarius that you think. However if you are like most people you are lonely, scared, have issues you are afraid to put into public light so you have a bit of the unnamed woman in you as well.

The truth of this situation and the hope is that Jesus answer is the same for you: Peace be with you daughter (son) and Don’t be afraid, just believe.

Isn’t it amazing… no matter who you are Jesus has opened the door for you. You have access to him. There are no boundaries, but what you have put up. Why did the woman wait so long to seek out Jesus, why are you waiting? I don’t know. But when the choice is made… you can know this, you have access to Jesus!


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