Evaluating Your Year

Do you evaluate your year? How do you measure success / failure?

I have spent some time reviewing my year and evaluating where I’m at. I tend to be a bit tough on myself. I need to take more time looking at what I’ve accomplished and not just where I fell short.

Overall I think my year went well… here are some highlights:

– I’m completed my year at Roberts and returned for the 2012/2013 year.
– Helped expand the work done at Roberts and in the community
– Room makeover
– Bicycle Clinic
– Distributed 10 Turkeys to staff
– Helped add more influential staff on campus
– Help with staff websites
– Worked with Lowes team to landscape school
– Intentionally made contact with parents

– Took three week trip with my kids to Oregon
– Abby went to camp
– Caleb and I hiked, fished, crabbed
– Camped out on the way to Oregon
– My kids survived and I didn’t hurt them

– Encouraged others to engage the community
– Bike Clinic

– Met weekly and informally mentored a young pastor

Some of negatives:

– Disengaged a bit from local church
– Disengaged with relationships
– this isn’t always a negative, but I think I checked out a bit
– Wasn’t as loving and nurturing with my family as I should have been
– Let some maintenance on the house slide

I’ll post my goals for next year, but first…

How as your 2012? Do you evaluate your year or just push forward? How do you evaluate?


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