Goals – Physical

I have never been a “fit” person. Always active, I love sports, competition, however in the past few years, by body has given out on me making this more difficult… plus my love of food. Regardless of this, I am going to begin focusing more on this part of my life, being more intentional.

Ph – 7

  • Exercise 3 times/week
  • Weigh 220#
  • Eat more salad and chicken (red meat 2x week max)
  • Drink more water and tea ( cut out diet coke and all soda )
  • In bed by 11pm 5 nights a week

How are you doing physically? Do you exercise regularly, get enough rest? Eating healthy?

How do you stay motivated in order to achieve your health goals?


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  1. I am right where I want to be physically. I Just finished my senior year of football and since we are about a month out of the season I am well rested from small injuries. I lift and do cardio Mon-Fri weekends off. I try to get 8 hrs a night. I’m about to change my eating habits in order to meet my goals here in the next three weeks. I am a goal oriented person. If I want something bad enough I am willing to go out and work for it and sacrifice some things. Keep working hard and its just a matter of time before you hit your goals.

    • Terrell, that’s awesome! Congrats on finishing up your senior year strong. My sleep is my biggest challenge. I stay up too late and am up early for kids and work. Looking forward to a great year ahead though and some positive changes.

      Good luck in your year ahead as well and your change in diet!

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